Communication in the Work Place: How Can Improved Communication Save Your Company Millions of Dollars? With Guest Dr Patty Malone

December 11, 2018

This episode of the Confident ROi podcast looks at how to achieve effective communication within the workplace with special guest Dr Patty Malone of the Clear Communication Institute.

We look at why poor communication cost NASA over $300 million, what the top three costliest communication mistakes are and what Dr Malone has learned from her research for her academic theses.

Finally, we investigate how good communication can really affect a company’s bottom line, and how to reverse a backstabbing culture within your organization.  

Dr Patty Malone details can be found on her website -

Topics Discussed:

How NASA cost themselves $300 million through poor communication – 0:54

How cross functional meetings help bridge the gaps between company silos – 1:53

Why email shouldn’t be used to communicate important messages – 07:42

Why asking questions on both sides is crucial to good understanding – 11:29

How Dr Malone entered this field – 14:58

What she learned through her research and experience – 19:20

Communication has to be continual to be effective – 22:50

More examples from Dr Malone’s research – 24:46

How to deal with backstabbing and bullying behaviour – 27:38

Listening is key – 30:38

3 costliest communication mistakes – 40:52

   1. Not listening properly – 42:22

   2. Not communicating appreciation to employees – 50:29

   3. Illusion that successful communication has occurred – 53:34

Always let people know if they are communicating poorly – 55:09

Infusionsoft: Can This CRM Software Transform Your Company’s Sales and Marketing Efforts? With “The Sales Whisperer,” Wes Schaeffer

December 4, 2018

In this episode to dig deep into what it takes for a company to be successful with their sales and marketing campaigns. Guest Wes Schaeffer takes us through what Infusionsoft is and how it can automate dozens of tasks at once saving you hours per day; hours that you can spend driving sales.

We ask Wes what he believes are the number one jobs of the three crucial members of any sales team: the business owner, the sales manager and the salesperson. You may be surprised by his answers.

We also take a look at split testing in marketing and asses why is it so critical to successful advertising campaigns. We ask why business owners need to step back from inside their business to break down their sales and marketing funnels. Finally, this episode examines why managers are often left unprepared when their top sales talent leaves.


Topics Discussed:

What is Infusionsoft? – 1:20

How Can Infusionsoft Transform your Sales and Marketing Efforts? – 4:19

Why It’s Important to Take a Step Back and Review All Sales and Marketing Processes – 14:58

What is the Number One Job of a Business Owner? – 22:10

Why Sales Actually Drive Marketing – 27:18

Why Successful Marketing is All About Experimentation and Testing – 33:30

How to Split Test Your Marketing: Start Wide and Then Continuously Refine – 34:51

What is the Number One Job of a Sales Manager? – 39:58

The 7 Deadly Sins of Selling: Why the Truth is So Important – 46:50

Full Employment – Do The Statistics Really Give Us the Whole Picture? How the Federal Reserve, “Gig Economy” and Student Debt Are Shaping Our Economic Future

November 27, 2018

Many economists believe the US economy is almost, or is indeed at, full employment. In this episode we take a deeper dive into what this means for businesses today and the wider economic impacts.

We look at what the statistics actually tell us, we discuss the rise and rise of the “Gig Economy” and we examine how the tripling of student debt levels is changing the way in which we plan our lives.

Is the Federal Reserve getting its rates policy right? Or are they placing economic growth in a vice? We also take a look at how to gain employee “buy-in”, and why emotional compensation is needed sometimes over and above financial compensation when rewarding employees.

Finally, we pay homage to the founding father of sports sponsorship marketing, Lou King who recently passed away aged 93 and discuss how being everywhere as a brand can act as a consumer turn off.


Topics Discussed:

How Quickly Will AI Become Part of the Sales Process – 1:25

Lou King: The Father of Sports Sponsorship Marketing – 9:00

Is Being Everywhere as a Brand a Good Thing? – 12:00

Full Employment: What Does It Mean? – 16:25

Does the Federal Reserve Have Us in an Economic Vice? – 18:00

What The Employment Statistics Are Actually Measuring – 23:00

The Rise of the “Gig Economy” and How It Skews Statistics – 26:00

The Drop in Manual Skilled Workers – 28:30

How Student Debt is Shaping the Younger Workforce – 31:35

Can We Replace Employees Altogether? – 34:30

Still a Shortage of Labor in Some Locations – 35:38

How “Emotional Compensation” Is a Growing Part of the Employer Offering – 40:33

Encouraging a Tribe Culture: Getting Employees to Take Pride in Their Work – 42:42

Developing a Profitable Business Culture – How to Harness the Power of Culture in Business Through Employee Understanding and Emotional Buy-In with Special Guest Mark Maes

November 20, 2018

Special guest Mark Maes joins us and explains what he has learned during his 30-year journey, building one of the biggest construction companies in California. He also unveils how he helps businesses realize their potential using his High Five Priority Business Mapping tool.

One crucial element of his success was being able to create a uniquely powerful company culture. We talk to Mark about how he was able not just to marry his business culture up with sub-contractors but also acquire whole companies and then set about aligning their businesses values to his own.

We discuss how to first understand your employees and then begin to motivate them to emotionally buy-in to company goals. We look at how to foster a passionate workforce through incentivizing, and Mark explains why having a great company culture is like running your car engine on the highest quality oil.

You can find more information on Mark and his mapping tool here -

Topics discussed:

Fostering a Great Business Culture: Mark’s Story - 1:02

Numbers and Processes: The Key to Effective Business Cultures - 7:55

Aligning Another Companies Values with Your Own - 10:01

Why Investing in a Culture is Like Investing in High Quality Car Oil - 16:45

Implementing Business Change on a Different Culture - 20:26

Motivating Employees Through Understanding and Incentivization - 24:24

How to Create a Passionate Workforce - 26:25

How Effective Cultures Are More Profitable - 30:29

Establishing Expectations - 35:00

Involving Employees in Business Culture Creation - 38:23

High Five Priority Business Mapping - 43:28

How to Get in Touch with Mark - 53:20

How to Write Well in Business – We Discuss Choosing the Right Words When Creating Your Company’s Story and Ask Why Grammar is So Important with Guest Peter J. Brennan

November 13, 2018

Esteemed journalist and business writer Peter Brennan joins us in the studio to discuss the importance of writing in the business setting. After penning 30,000 articles in publications such as the New York Times, the Washington Post and Bloomberg Business, we sit down with Peter and discuss how business writing has evolved over the last 30 years.

We discover the significance of having a great editor to look over and improve your written work, how having bad grammar can cost you a promotion and why marketers use the same words in their copy over and over again.

Also in this episode we take a broader a look the disruption technology has brought to the media and other “giant” industries. Peter reveals the inside story on meeting business greats such as Steve Jobs and finally, he gives his thoughts on why the newspaper industry got the move into the internet age all wrong.

Find Peter’s book here -

Peter’s Twitter Profile:

Topics Discussed:

Importance of Writing Well in Business (Topic 1) 2:32

Why Good Editors Are Crucial (Topic 2) 7:08

How to Create a Great Business Story (Topic 2) 12:50

How AI is Disrupting Business Reporting (Topic 2) 20:05

How Newspapers Got the Move to the Internet Wrong (Topic 2) 22:07

How is Technology Disrupting Other Industries? (Topic 3) 27:19

What was Steve Jobs Really Like? Were the Biographies Accurate? (Topic 3) 35:00

How to Find the Right Words for Your Marketing Copy (Topic 3) 39:00

Why Bad Grammar Can Cost You (Topic 4) 42:00

Neuro-Leadership: Create a Sense of Belonging for Team & Customers; Over-Staffing for Success With Guest: Dr. Thomas Dullien

November 6, 2018

In a recent study undertaken by Google, it was discovered that staff perform best when they feel like they are home. We discuss with Dr. Thomas Dullien the key three crucial elements of Neuro-Leadership, and how they can lead to increases in business performance.

We also take a look at why Starbucks doesn’t actually selling coffee, how to build and maintain trust with employees and why you should keep management out of the office and throw them onto the front line instead.

Topics Discussed:

Why Starbucks Isn't Actually Selling Coffee: An Introduction to Neuro-Leadership - 


Three Crucial Elements of Neuro-Leadership - 08:24

How Social Constructs Affect Our Perceptions - 13:38

Positively Influencing Behavior - 16:00

Why Over-Staffing Can Increase Revenues and Profits by Building Relationships - 17:52

Getting Management Out of the Office - 22:04

Over-Communication and Encouraging the Right Chemicals in the Brain - 27.46

How Does Neuro-Leadership Work in Flat Organizations? Social Constructs in the Workplace - 33:33

How Google Changed the Social Construct of Work - 43:50

Being Vulnerable Can Create A Sense of Belonging - 48.39

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in Business – 3 Time Frames of EQ, and Why Feedback is Vital for Business Improvement: Guest Lindon Crow

October 30, 2018

Lindon Crow from the Productive Learning Company shares his stories from the business world, and demonstrates how feedback and constructive criticism within teams is critical for developing a person’s EQ (emotional intelligence).

We talk about how to catch yourself in reactionary behaviors you may not realize you are projecting onto colleagues, how to develop a conscious leadership circle and Lindon takes us through the three time frames of emotional intelligence.

Guest Website:

Topics Discussed:

What is Emotional Intelligence? 4:12

The Importance of Feedback Meetings - 10:06

Feedback is a Two-Way Street - 17:20

Should You Ever Debate Somebody’s Feelings? - 23:24

The Three Timeframes of Emotional Intelligence - 25.54

How to Catch Reactionary Behaviours and Become Emotionally Aware - 28:43

Lindon’s Influences and Inspirations - 36:20

How to Develop a Good Relationship with Feedback - 41.56

Creating an Environment Conducive to Constructive Criticism - 46.34

Wrap-Up 51.31

Unlocking Secrets of Inbound Marketing & EOS-Traction – Guest Marisa Smith Reveals How She Extracted Herself from Her Company Using EOS-Traction Tools.

October 23, 2018

The Whole Brain Group marketing agency founder and owner Marisa Smith goes into the details of how to get the balance of inbound marketing for your business right and avoid turning potential customers off.

She also emphasizes the importance of “Smarketing”, the process of aligning your sales and marketing teams, so that they can operate at maximum efficiency and effectiveness. This podcast also covers the capabilities of the all-in-one marketing software HubSpot, and how Marisa was able to remove herself from her own business to focus more on what she loved doing using EOS-Traction® tools:

Topics Discussed:

  • Inbound Marketing (How to Find Out What Works) 6.00
  • Inbound Marketing Success Story 8.19
  • “Smarketing” Philosophy 12.03
  • Removing Yourself from a Business: Marisa’s Story 13.24
  • EOS: What is it? 18.38
  • What is HubSpot and how can it be used? 22.36
  • Inbound Marketing: Getting the Mix Right 32.04
  • How Marisa Utilized EOS-Traction® tools to Extract herself from the Whole Brain Group 44.00
  • Focus on Simplifying Business Goals 49.59

How the Brain Works in Business–Elon Musk’s Views on how AI can Augment Brain Function, Google Discovered the Secret to Effective Teamwork , and why Kindergarten Kids Regularly Outperform MBAs

October 16, 2018

In a recent interview, Elon Musk pointed out the possibility of using of AI to alter our brains capability. He talked about developing the “third layer” having control over both our primitive and higher cognition layers, allowing us not to fear our problems but instead to face them head on and work out solutions.

This podcast takes a look at how this plays out in big businesses, why C-level executives often don’t want to face the truth, why MBAs over-analyze and how Google discovered the secret to effective teamwork.

Topics Discussed:

Elon Musk on AI - 3.37

Why Our Brains Operate on Fear - 5.38

Kindergarten Kids Outperform MBAs - 13.03

Google Discovers the Secret to Effective Teams - 19.42

C-level Executives Often Don’t Like the Truth - 23.36

Is Elon Musk Self-Employed or a Business Owner? - 33.56

Confident ROI Magazine - 40.51

The Disappearance of English Pubs - 49.25

Discovering Opportunities – Catch the White Tiger: How Tony Assali Achieved the American Dream with $28. Selling 1st Hummus Product to Trader Joe’s.

October 9, 2018

Guest Tony Assali CEO of EscrowQuick and serial entrepreneur has spotted opportunities others did not see. He calls these opportunities White Tigers and he can help you find yours by silencing your inner critic and listening to your creative side. He has packed up and moved thousands of miles multiple times starting over and achieving success in multiple industries. You can't help but smiling when listening to Tony share his story.


Breakthrough the Noise, Differentiate Your Company by Unearthing & Sharing Stories Waiting to be Told. And Surprising Best Sales Personality Profile Research with Jim Karrh PH.D.

October 2, 2018

Marketing, Story Telling & Neuroscience , Jonah Berger, Best Sales Personality: Extroverts, Introverts, Ambiverts. Adam Grant, introversion to extroversion scale, profound relationship, persuasive, empowering, George Stephanopoulos, David Letterman, Malcolm Gladwell, Steve Martin, nimble, leading groups. work life, DSG consulting, OPower, Robert Cialdini, hotel utilities,playbook,

Checkout preview of Jim's Manage Your Message Podcast

You can find the episodes here:

What to Say Yes To! Using EOS to Set Right # of Priorities to Get Traction - EOS Certified Implementor: Sue Hawkes Explains What is The Entrepreneurial Operating System

September 25, 2018

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome, Getting the most out of Peer Groups, Setting Right Number of Priorities, EOS/Traction Starts (40:31)

Guest Sue Hawkes Websites: &

Host: Alex Vorobieff

Outsourcing Back Office Activities - Unexpected Benefit: Improved Processes. Guest Tim Mobley and host Alex Vorobieff

September 11, 2018
Outsourcing Back Office Activities - Unexpected Benefit: Improved Processes. Guest Tim Mobley and host Alex Vorobieff
When our guest was tasked with outsourcing activities he didn't expect to find the real savings to be in improved processes

Hiring a CEO When You Can’t Afford It. Financing the Bigger Cost Beyond Hiring the CEO: Build the Team, Twice with Eliot Swartz

September 4, 2018

Two Chef's on a Roll Founder Eliot Swartz shares additional details for growing a business from $12m in sales to $40m. How he did it with his partner, Lori Daniels. How to build a great working relationship with a hired CEO. How to build and afford the best leadership team. What happens when the first attempt to build the team fails. What to do when your CFO says a big slice of the current business is unprofitable. Lessons learned from the Weekend Fiasco while trying to implement lean processes. How to use Phantom stock to incentivize team members. How to value the company to set baseline for Phantom Stock compensation.

Click here for the first interview with Eliot when 28 minutes was just not enough time to cover everything.


Live Where You Want: Relocation - Buying Boise Idaho - Growing Real Estate Firm Lysi Bishop W/ Scott Bishop & John Van Der Giessen

August 28, 2018

Trends driving growth in Boise, Idaho. Companies and remote workers moving to Treasure Valley. How Real Estate Firm Lysi Bishop positioned itself for success by making bold move during last downturn. How company grows successfully. How this firm earns a high ROI on DISC profiles to onboard new team members.

Topics: Boise, Idaho, Quality of Life, Marketing Strategies, Changing Working Environments, Telecommuting Remote Workers, DISC Profiles.

Guests: Scott Bishop  & John Van Der Giessen - Buyer Specialist - O: 208.472.5337 | CELL: 208.854.9589 | |

Hosts: Alex Vorobieff & Paul Roberts


Intellectual Property – A Tool to Use Before Used on YOUR Company. Licensing Expert: Rand Brenner.

August 14, 2018

Intellectual Property can make your company money or people can claim royalties for what you paid them to create, unless you have (28:10)

Licensing and IP expert Rand Brenner helps you get an ROi on your IP. Every business has intellectual property. Follow these 3 steps to generate an ROi:

  1. Understand what you've got
  2. Figure out how to grab it, inventory it & document it.
  3. Look if it has value to others.

skype vs zoom, licensing agreement, patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, "know-how" IP, trade secret theft. what is a patent, benefits of trade secrets, Listerine, trial and error discovery, Amazon, How P&G licenses IP to competitors, first step to license your IP. (28:18), Work Made for Hire Agreements. (41:18), nuances between industries: fashion, music, automotive. Design patents, owning a color, Tiffany's turquoise blue, UPS's brown, trademarking colors, sounds, and scents, requirements of trademarks (46:03),patent industry, patent trolls

Show notes and transcripts

Fixing Kendall Jackson’s Brand; Importance of Internal Marketing - Angelo Ponzi & World Cup Strategies W/Alex Vorobieff

August 7, 2018

Kendall Jackson had a problem with their brand. (14:09) Our guest, Angelo Ponzi, shares how he helped reposition the brand and price point.

Angelo also shares his 25 years of branding and marketing expertise on this episode of Confident ROi.

Tools, Books & Concepts: The Revenue Growth Habit Book, Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, CMO, Tracking Studies, Cost Effective Market Research, Survey Monkey, Grandmother Research, B2B Marketing, Leadership Brand Misalignment, Is Email Marketing Dying? How important is your website? Re-targeting marketing, geofencing; CallRail. Feedback Surprises.

Also Covered: What strategies did World Cup Semi-Finalists countries use? (3:13) Orange County and Boise Idaho, Lysi Bishop Real Estate.

Angelo's: website, Linkedin, Twitter & Facebook

Transcripts and Show Notes Page


Why YOU Need a Data Strategy: Magic Tricks With Data. Data Scientist; Brian Dolan’s Top 3 Tips for CEOs. Saving Lives w/ Data Analysis. Artificial Intelligence Hype vs Reality. w/ Alex Vorobieff

July 24, 2018

Recommendations to CEOs

  1. Implement a Business Intelligence (BI) tool (Micro Strategies or Tableau)
  2. Define your data strategy.
  3. Outside review of data and data strategy (overcome confirmation bias)

Additional Topics: Define your Data Strategy (ahead of time). Stepping on toes (when data doesn’t confirm assumptions), Data Science, Unstructured Data. Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, data miner insult, CIA Text mining, Analytics on demand. How Fortune 100 use data. Saving lives with data analysis. Electronic Health Records (EHR). Digital medical records. Healthcare Industry, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Python Package, NLTK, sentence parsing capabilities. Reverse the question.  Specific question data analysis technique. Proximity search techniques. Sentiment mining, sentiment analysis. start at the back of the book.  Sequential patterns. Radial Method, computational biology and cryptography. Atari AI win. Artificial Intelligence hype vs reality. Reinforcement learning for AI. Genetics. What is AI? How computers interpret audio signals. Digital perception of sound. Difference between BI (Business Intelligence) and AI, Irish Music, Markovian Process, Relational databases, SQL database analytics, association rules, Retail Market Basket Analysis, Data Strategy, Hadoop, clustering algorithms, misaligned technology and corporate strategy, common mistake trying to create user engagement,  Clickthrough rates, CPM, ECPM,  Techniques to overcome Confirmation Bias.

Detailed Show Notes Page & Transcripts

Guest: Brian Dolan, Host Alex Vorobieff, Co-Host Paul Roberts

Brian Dolan's contact info: